Minelab Pro-Gold Panning Kit
Minelab Pro-Gold Panning KitMinelab Pro-Gold Panning KitMinelab Pro-Gold Panning Kit
Minelab Pro-Gold Panning Kit
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Product Description:

Minelab PRO-GOLD Panning Kit

The Minelab PRO-GOLD panning kit includes state of the art gold pans in high contrast blue for optimal visibility of gold. Pans have multiple panning zones including large 90 degree riffles and mini riffles for excellent recovery of even fine flour gold.

The Pro-Gold panning kit features a nested design so the components (see below) fit inside each other for easy transport and storage. Classifier also features two handles for added control and comfort.

15-inch Dual Riffle Gold Pan

The 15-inch pan features three separate panning zones. A versatile combination of 90° riffles, mini riffles, and flat sidewall allow efficient recovery of all of the gold using multiple panning techniques.

10-inch Single Riffle Gold Pan

The 10-inch pan has the large 90° riffles and flat sidewall. It’s great for panning lighter loads and suitable for beginners and children.

Hex-Mesh Classifier / Sieve

Remove large rocks and waste gravel with the classifier by sifting the coarse aggregate materials into the gold pan. It’s also sized perfectly to fit on top of a standard 5 gallon (20 L) bucket, and the two handles make it comfortable to use.

Convertible Carry Bag

The handy lightweight carry bag will help you keep everything in one place. Using the pull-strings, it converts to a backpack for easy kit transportation.

Also Included in This Kit:

• Iron-Separator Magnet
• Double-Loupe Magnifier (3Χ, 5Χ magnification)
• Vacuum Suction Bottle
• Gold Transfer Pipette
• Micro-Gold Storage Vials
• Getting Started Guide

More details:

Large 90° Riffles - Large 90° riffles on the 15-inch and 10-inch pans catch larger gold grains before they wash away. This is a good initial step to separate the black sand and gold from lighter blond sands.

Mini Riffles - Mini riffles on the 15-inch pan assist in trapping very tiny gold in fine black sand, allowing the sand to wash away leaving the gold behind.

Flat Sidewall - Final panning can be done on the flat sidewall, allowing you to clearly see the gold that collects in the bottom corner as it becomes separated from the remaining black sands.

Pro Gold Panning Kit REVIEW: “I think I have seen nearly every gold pan and gold panning kit made in the last 40 years. They range from basic to overly complicated. Minelab has struck the perfect balance between the two, with features that aid in gold panning without getting in the way.

In my opinion the Minelab PRO-GOLD panning kit is vastly superior to any other gold panning kit on the market and is my recommendation for both beginners and experts.”

Steve Herschbach The Original Detector Prospector

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