Gold Prospecting: The Ultimate Adventure -  Short Stories  (SOLD OUT)
Gold Prospecting: The Ultimate Adventure - Short Stories (SOLD OUT)
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From the back of the book-- "Will this man make a discovery that will ignite the greatest gold rush since the Klondike? He thinks so!"

Gold Prospecting The Ultimate Adventure by R.V. Larson

FOREWARD (With Caution)

I say "with caution" because I have a serious case of gold fever and it is very contagious. If you continue through these pages you will likely come down with it also. Oh, what is that you say? You don't think you will catch gold fever just from reading about prospecting? Well I have news for you. You won't be just reading, you're going with me every step of the way.

Gold fever causes a prospector to do things that the average person finds difficult to understand. Consider the hearty souls who climbed Chillkoot Pass with their ton of supplies during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 and 98. Their engine was strength and determination, but the fuel it ran on was gold fever. This is a fuel that is always dependable. It will carry you on to where you believe your discovery will be made; just around the next bend in the river or in that range of mountains you see in the distance. This gold fever fuel never totally runs out. When the engine is left to idle because the prospector has grown old, there is still a lasting supply. It now fuels his memories, and when he has that far away look in his eyes and someone in the family asks, "Are you back at the Mystery River?" this old prospector may not answer, but will smile and nod his head. I am sure that is how it was with the prospectors who endured the hardships of the early day gold rushes. All of those old timers are now gone but the history of their endeavors will always be there as an example of what determination can accomplish. Most of them never found the gold they were seeking. However, when thinking about their prospecting days during a quiet moment, at a time in their latter years, and they got that far away look in their eyes, my guess is that they were asked if they were back in Susanville, or Barkerville, or the Klondike, and I think they just smiled and nodded their head.

I'm sure you will agree that there is a rich history of prospecting, but what about today? Can gold still be found? Could it be possible to find a lot of gold? Would I enjoy the experience of prospecting, even if I didn't find gold? The answer to these questions is yes, yes and yes. There is a great deal of gold waiting to be found and recovered. The early gold seekers were a restless bunch and would often leave a suitable location if they heard of better diggings elsewhere. At today's prices for gold, what was left in the early days can be well worth going after. Today, we also have the advantage of modern equipment that includes metal detectors, portable power dredges, high bankers and various other devices to extract gold. These items are available at prospecting and mining supply stores that you will find in most communities.

As you travel with me through the adventures that have occupied most of my life, you will want to know more about prospecting. You may feel the need to experience the thrill of swirling the water over the remaining material in the bottom of a gold pan and seeing your first find of gold appear as the last covering of black sand is washed away. I believe this book will create an increased interest in prospecting that exceeds what we have seen in the past. Many of you will head for the nearest prospecting and mining supply store for equipment and the good advice you will find there. Now it is just a matter of getting together with someone with similar interest and planning a weekend outing. Congratulations.

For those of you who do not decide to get actively involved in prospecting, I have some advice. Phone your broker and have him buy you some shares in the companies who manufacture picks, shovels, gold pans and the other equipment that will be in demand. You may as well cash in along with the rest of us.

And so my friend, and having read this far you are my friend, let me offer a little advice. Because we have just one life to live, be at peace with your God, and try your hand at prospecting."

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