Gold Panning with Don Robinson  dvd  (sold out)
Gold Panning with Don Robinson dvd (sold out)
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Gold Panning with Don Robinson -

Learn the art of gold panning in less than 30 minutes from one of the world's best. Gold Panning Champion Don Robinson uses his easy-going style to describe the equipment, principles, and technique behind this historic method of extracting gold from the Mother Lode - and beyond. Plus, learn Don's approach of knowing where to gather material when looking for this precious metal. The film crew from Timothy Linsdau Productions literally gives the observer and over-the-shoulder view of Don Robinson's time-proven system used to capture more than 28 medals in competition. Discover his shortcuts on how to gather more gold while others waste time sifting sand, and why gold magically appears in his pan where others end up losing it.

Although you'll want to watch over and over again this United States Representative to the World Panning Association in action, in less than half an hour the 2007 Captain of the W.S. Gold Panning Team teaches everything you need to know to fill your hours with excitement - and your pockets with cash. It's outdoor fun for the entire family.

REVIEW: "This is a professionally produced DVD that will teach you how to pan for gold. In the DVD, the host, Don Robinson, breaks down the seemingly complicated art of gold panning into two simple moves: shaking and dipping. Both are clearly demonstrated in a controlled setting. This information alone is worth the price of the DVD.

In another segment Don works with three inexperienced children showing them how to pan. He also critics their panning. This is helpful in that the lessons learned can be applied to any beginner. This will help you self-evaluate your own panning or can be used when helping your children or spouse learn how to pan.

Don also demonstrates his gold panning technique at an actual gold bearing river. This lets the viewer see gold panning in a true-to-life setting.

In addition, Don includes information about gold pans and basic tools needed, specific gravity and black sand and the roles they play in panning, how to get your gold out of the gold pan and into a small vial, and what areas at a gold bearing river would be the best locations to look for gold.

If you practice the methods demonstrated in this DVD and follow the advice on where to look for gold, you should be able to recoup the cost of the DVD on your first trip to the river."

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