Arizona: GOLD & GEM MAPS Then and Now
Arizona: GOLD & GEM MAPS Then and Now
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Arizona: GOLD & GEM MAPS Then and Now

The Arizona Gold and Gems Map package is one of the most comprehensive in the collection with 34 different gems identified and located on a modern USGS map. It contains 5 maps, printed on both sides. The old maps included are 1868, 1869, 1881 and 1886 and are of interest to both the gold and gem enthusiast and those interested in old maps. It is a good companion to the Arizona Ghost Towns package.

Map identifies locations of: gold and silver, agate, apache tears, aragonite, azurite, beryl, calcite, chalcopyrite, chalcedony, chrysocolla, chert, epidote, flourite, fossils, garnet, geodes, hematite, jasper, malachite, obsidian, opal, petrified wood, pyrite, quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rhyolite, saginite, topaz, travertine, tourmaline, vanadinite and wulfenite.

Take a Trip Back in Time and Follow in the Footsteps of Your Ancestors!

Take a stroll through yesterday with these map packages and atlases of the Old West! These map packages have been compiled by R. N. Preston who has been an avid collector of old maps for 30 years. Imagine 100 years of information compiled and printed on modern USGS maps along with exact reprints of historic maps! Many secrets are revealed in these collections. Locations are clearly marked where you can find gold, silver and 28 other gems and minerals.

Great care has been exercised to accurately transfer all information from authentic documents to the featured maps of this collection. The reader should be reminded that maps have been used in some cases as an information source. The older the document, the less accurate the information. Inasmuch as this is an endeavor to display mining activity locations for a century, old documents had to be employed.

All maps in the series are in packages measuring 6.5 by 9.5. The very readable maps measure 17 1/2 X 23 inches.

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