Advanced Dredging Techniques Book - McCracken
Advanced Dredging Techniques Book - McCrackenAdvanced Dredging Techniques Book - McCrackenAdvanced Dredging Techniques Book - McCracken
Advanced Dredging Techniques Book - McCracken
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(SOLD OUT) Advanced Dredging Techniques Vol 2 Part 1 - Finding and recovering paystreaks.

World famous dredger Dave McCracken freely gives information for the novice and experts.

This is the authoritative work on the subject of pay-streaks and how to find them; the most important things to know about in suction dredging.

In this book, Dave McCracken thoroughly covers pay streaks -what they are, how they form, where in the river that you will find them, and how to dredge them up without leaving paying quantities of gold behind. This book, just like McCracken's other mining books, is completely packed with useful information for any gold dredger; but the technology concerning paystreaks, standard sampling procedure, and standard dredging procedure is absolutely vital to each and every gold dredger if he or she wants to get into paying quantities of gold continuously. If you don't do anything else this year to improve your gold dredging skill, buy this book and study it well: You will not be disappointed!

Dear Dave, Just to say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement; the book is plainly GREAT! I would say that your book gives more good information then would usually be found in twenty. Readable, understandable, and USABLE!

L.E. (Georgia)

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