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Treasure Hunting Quiz

1. What is the name of the most famous lost mine in Arizona?

A. The lost pioneer
B. The lost Californian
C. The lost Englishman
D. The lost Dutchman


2. What is the most famous mine in Oregon?

A. The blue bucket mine
B. The purple pelican mine
C. The lost lead mine
D. The red lobster mine


3. What famous treasure can you find if you decipher the codes?

A. The lost code treasure
B. The Morse code treasure
C. The Beale treasure
D. The lost telegraph treasure


4. What treasure is called the money pit?

A. The Indian dance treasure
B. The dynamite treasure
C. The lost ledge treasure
D. The Oak Island treasure


5. What treasure is within the White Sands Missile Range?

A. The lost Roads treasure
B. The Victoria peak treasure
C. The White Sands treasure
D. The dead Indian treasure


6. What lost mine did Mark Twain write about?

A. The lost cement mine
B. The lost Calvarias mine
C. The lost bullfrog mine
D. The lost cabin mine


7. What lost mine was the source of the Mormon Church's gold?

A. The Lost Roads Mine
B. The Lost Moon Mine
C. The Vintah mine
D. The Lost Indian Mine


8. Where can you find a treasure disguised as car parts?

A. The Adirondack mountains
B. The Catskill mountains
C. The Sierra mountains
D. The Rocky mountains


9. Which pirate buried treasure near Ft. Charlotte Florida?

A. Caption Kidd
B. Jean Lafitte
C. Black beard
D. Jose Gasper


10. What was the name of the treasure cache in the Wichita Mountains of Okalahoma?

A. The Jesse James Cache
B. The Outlaw Cache
C. The Iron Door Cache
D. The Navajo Cache


11. Where is Treasure Island located?

A. 250 miles South East of Cuba
B. 300 miles North of El Salvador
C. 400 miles South West of Costa Rica
D. 150 miles South West of the Tip of Florida


12. What was Robber Lewis's favorite pastime?

A. Robbing tax collectors
B. Robbing stage coaches
C. Robbing banks
D. Robbing trains


1. D. The Lost Dutchman
2. A. The Blue Bucket
3. C. The Beale Treasure
4. D. The Oak Island Treasure
5. B. The Victoria Treasure
6. A. The Lost Cement Mine
7. A. The Lost Rhodes Mine
8. B. The Catskill Mountains
9. D. Jose Gasper
10. C. The Iron Door
11. C. 400 Miles South West of Costa Rica
12. A. Robbing Tax Collectors

EDWARD GROTH is a long time 
prospector and metal detectorist.
He is also the webmaster for the:

Antelope Valley Treasure Hunter's Society


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