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Searching For Gold Adventures

Searching For Gold Adventures From Carla Land, Your Guide to Adventure Travel.

There's still gold in them hills - waiting for you to find it

To some, the idea of prospecting for gold in the wilderness is an idea past its prime. No hotels, few resorts and no room service. To others, it is an idea born from dreams of grand adventure; a map, an open trail, and a metal dish for panning in cold mountain streams for nuggets of gold.

And then, there is a growing number of wilderness adventurers who fall into yet a third category, a new category: those that pan and prospect for the yellow ore for both adventure and profit. Not that anybody is getting rich at it. Or are they? With such notable organizations as The Gold Miner's Headquarters and the International Recreational Gold Mining Directory reporting a drastic rise in the interest of recreational mining, combined with U.S.

National Park Service awareness of a growing demand for recreational mining on public lands, there appears to be some evidence to support the claim. And speaking of claims - enterprising prospectors can even (still) buy a stake in a claim in Alaska and freely pan and prospect for gold at their leisure - and perhaps their profit - year round.

While there are few confirmed reports of recreational miners who have 'struck it rich' hunting for gold or treasure - indeed, most with a true prospecting spirit are reluctant to even talk about their successes - there are many who claim they manage to make 'a decent amount,' or 'a nice little bonus,' if you listen to the table talk at the Main Street cafe.

But whether you're interested in panning for profit or would simply like to experience the outdoor adventure of the ancient mining ritual in a wilderness setting, follow the links below and discover what you need to know to get you ready for your next prospecting adventure.



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