Triplet Eye Loupe with free case
Triplet Eye Loupe with free case
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Product Description:
Quality 3 ELEMENT 10X Power 18 MM EYE LOUPE

This 10x power 18mm triplet loupe is a high quality jeweler's loupe. It also includes a free leather carrying case.

The word "triplet" refers to the lens optics. Triplet loupes use a series of three lenses to correct for aberrations common in singlet and doublet loupes.

Cheaper Loupes with only one or two lenses will have a blurred and/or distorted area around the edge of the field of view and can also distort color slightly. Quality triplet loupes use three lenses to minimize these effects.

Sold OutMagnifying Tweezers with LED Light
Regular price: $10.95Sale price: $6.49
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Magnifying Tweezers with LED LightMagnifying Tweezers with LED Light(SOLD OUT ) LED Illuminated Tweezers with 4x Magnifier are great for working with small gold nuggets, fine gemstones, and a host of other applications where you have to really see what you are grabbing.

Fine point tweezers with a 4x magnifier and LED illumination. Batteries included. 1 inch glass lens.


Led Illuminated Tweezer With Magnifier

Please note: Color may vary from black to silver/gray.

The essential, utilitarian tweezer - made better and more effective!

Optical-quality real glass lens with 4X magnification for fine detail without distortion

Super-bright LED puts high-intensity light at tweezer point without creating shadows

Stainless steel tweezer blades with precision needle points for super-tiny objects

Folds up compactly to fit easily in purse, shaving kit, sewing basket, or your tool box.

snmc47LRegular price: $10.95Sale price: $6.49

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