Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector with 3 Coils!
Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector with 3 Coils!Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector with 3 Coils!Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector with 3 Coils!
Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector with 3 Coils!
Item #:TesoroOutlaw
Regular price:$649.00
Product Description:

Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector, with 3 Waterproof Coils, Coil Covers and 3 Lower Rods. The Tesoro Outlaw is the first metal detector that comes standard with 3 coils in the package. It comes with a 5.75" concentric coil, large 8" concentric coil and a 12x10" Widescan coil. It also comes with 3 lower poles so each coil can have its own lower pole for quick and easy of switching.

Coil Sizes 5.75; 8"; 12x10". Comes with Tesoro's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Very Lightweight Metal Detector, Easy to Use Detector with Adjustable Discrimination, Sensitivity, Threshold & Ground Balance.

Includes Instruction Book and 9 Volt Battery.

The Tesoro OUTLAW is a Silent Search VLF Motion Discriminating Metal Detector which also features a Non-Motion, All-Metal search / pinpoint mode. The three-piece, S-shaped handle makes the Outlaw detector ideal for backpacking into remote sites.

Both the 8-inch concentric open center search coil and the control housing are constructed of a Special type of plastic designed by Tesoro which not only reduces the weight of the detector, but provides Improved Shielding from outside electrical interference. The New Tesoro "Outlaw" is controlled via four knobs (GROUND, DISC LEVEL, SENSITIVITY and THRESHOLD), one toggle switch (MODE and TUNE) and one push button (Auto Tune and Normal).

The MODE toggle switch allows you to choose which mode to hunt in ....Discrimination or All-Metal, as well as switch from the Motion Discriminate mode to the Non-Motion Pinpoint Mode. If you prefer, the Push-button does the same function. When you push it in, it goes into the All-Metal Auto and when it is half way out it goes into All Metal Normal mode. Its position on the face plate makes it easily accessible for one-handed operation.

The New Tesoro Outlaw incorporates Tesoro’s High Gain Sensitivity Circuitry, which Improves Sensitivity to Low Conductivity targets such as Gold, Brass and Lead. This control also activates the Automatic Battery Check each time the unit is turned on. The New Tesoro "Outlaw" is the First Metal Detector that comes with 3 Powerful coils for Metal Detecting in all situations including Fields, Trashy Parks, Beach, Ghost Towns and many other areas. A wonderful additional to the time trusted Tesoro brand.

This detector is in high demand - if you need delivery by a certain day be sure to inform us when you order.

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