Proline Gold Dredge - 2 inch
Proline Gold Dredge - 2 inchProline Gold Dredge - 2 inch
Proline Gold Dredge - 2 inch
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Product Description:
Unavailable. Also see our full line of Keene Engineering gold dredges.

The full line of Proline Mining gold dredges and dredging accessories are available by special order.


2" dredge w/2.5hp GXH50 Honda & HP100 pump

The new Proline 2" dredge has redefined the role of the small dredge. Our latest developments have resulted in a smaller, and more portable dredge, with increased suction power and features normally found only on larger dredges. This dredge is now powered by our all new HP 100 pump, direct coupled to the new Honda 2.5 horse power 4-cycle engine. This combination is incredibly powerful, capable of producing well over 100 gallons per minute and twice the pressure of our previous pump.

The Honda is extremely quiet and smooth running, with nearly twice the fuel economy of the 2-cycle engines, and of course, it eliminates the need to calculate the gas and oil mixture ratios of 2-cycle engines. This engine is equipped with the ever popular low oil shutoff.

Our HP 100 pump is manufactured with the same quality and features found on our larger pumps. One unique feature of this pump is that it has been equipped with a second discharge port on the side of the pump, sometimes called a "flusher port." This port supplies water pressure to run a flusher nozzle for serious dredging.

Because we take the small dredges just as seriously as the larger ones, we want the small dredge to be able to clean out the same cracks and crevices that would otherwise be passed over. The Proline is currently the only 2" dredge with this feature.

The recovery system has been completely redesigned as well. Due to recent changes in the pump and jetting system on this dredge, the suction power has dramatically increased. More powerful suction means that the water and dredged materials pass through the dredge with greater velocity than before, therefore the wave classifier and riffle profile had to be adjusted as well. The increase in water velocity, believe it or not, actually improved gold recovery. This dredge uses Hungarian riffles, which are designed to develop a strong vortex or "eddy" when subjected to higher water speed. This dredge builds a stronger vortex behind the riffles to hold the values better, plus it doesn't have the tendency to load up on low grade material that other dredges have, leaving the riffles unshrouded to do their job more effectively.

We still use "Noma" matting in this dredge, but now it is used for the full length of the sluice box. This combined with our unique one-piece classifier and riffle design has resulted in a greatly simplified sluice box and easier cleanups.

As before, the pontoons are actually used as part of the frame, eliminating the need for a heavier conventional frame. A knockout rod is supplied for cleaning rock jams that occur at the power jet, and it actually stays on the dredge when not in use. It is always there when you need it.

Through these recent improvements we were able to shed a few pounds, while actually making the dredge stronger. If you are planning on purchasing a small dredge, we suggest that you compare our features and quality with every other dredge on the market. We strongly feel that no other 2" dredge compares.

Shipping is NOT included - please call or email with your city, state and zipcode for a no obligation quote. Orders placed without having a freight quote provided in advance will have freight charges added. Lead time varies from 2-4 weeks on these units.

Dredge Specifications

Engine Honda 2.5 hp
Intake hose 1-1/2" x 24"
Pump HP 100
Flotation... 2 polyethylene floats 7" x 27" x 47"
Sluice box 10" x 36"
Capacity Up to 2 cubic yards per hour
Footvalve Proline 1.5" steel
Weight 59 lbs.
Dredge hose 2" x 10 ft.
Shipping weight 68 lbs. High pressure hose 1-1/4" x 42"

Delivery info: This unit is in very high demand and subject to unannounced back-order. Delays of 2-4 weeks are common. If you require delivery by a certain date you are required to inform us at time of order. These units are only made upon order and are considered special order items. We are charged in advance by the mfg. for these items. As such, you will be charged in advance as well to secure your place in line for shipment. There will be no cancellations of orders due to delivery time issues unless you inform us in writing of a need by date in advance. Please plan your purchase accordingly and allow extra time for delivery.

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