Proline 2.5 inch Suction Gold Dredge
Proline 2.5 inch Suction Gold DredgeProline 2.5 inch Suction Gold Dredge
Proline 2.5 inch Suction Gold Dredge
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This machine was a trend setter when it first came on the market and it continues to be one of our best sellers many years later. When other 2.5" dredges were floating on inner-tubes, required a suction nozzle for producing dredge vacuum, and had limited depth capabilities, the Proline 2.5" dredge sat on sturdy pontoons and used a power jet for dredge vacuum. It was also capable of driving an air compressor to support more active underwater mining. It was originally powered by our HP175 pump, but this pump has been replaced by our newer HP200, which is more powerful and easier to prime.

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Choose from 3 gold dredge configurations:

2.5" dredge w/ GXH50 Honda & HP100 pump $2495
2.5" dredge w/ GX120 Honda & HP200 pump $2760
2.5" dredge w/ GX120 Honda, HP200 pump & T-80 AIR $3195

Just a few years ago, all 2.5" dredges were floated on inner-tubes. Most of them were available only with a suction nozzle to provide the vacuum and none of the 2.5ís were capable of driving an air compressor. This all changed with the introduction of the Proline 2.5" flair dredge. This was one of the first 2.5" dredges which was mounted on sturdy polyethylene pontoons, rather than the puncture-prone inner tubes. This was the first dredge of its size which used a flair and it came standard with a power jet, which was much more powerful and easier to operate than the suction nozzles.

In addition to being one of the most powerful pumps of its size on the market, our HP 200 was designed to be capable of driving an air compressor to support more active underwater mining. These features made for a very stable, powerful, and usable machine.

This dredge has been redesigned to create a lighter and sleeker dredge without sacrificing strength. The dredge frame has been eliminated for weight savings and has been replaced by a front and rear assembly which mounts directly to the pontoons in a similar fashion to our 2" dredge. The pontoons are all new and are capable of handling swifter water if necessary. They are molded to be slightly thicker and incorporate larger inserts than the previous pontoons for increased strength. The dredge can now be powered by two completely different engine/pump combination. The first option is for the unit to be powered by a 4 horse power Honda engine and our HP 200 pump. This combination makes for a very powerful small dredge, and can still be equipped with an air compressor if you wish.

The second option is to power the unit with the 2.5 horse power Honda engine and our HP 100 pump. This is the same engine and pump used on the Proline 2" equipment and develops fairly good power on the 2.5" dredge. It is considerably smaller and lighter, and requires less fuel to operate, which makes it ideal for those looking for a little more than a 2" dredge. It is a somewhat limited package in that it cannot run an air compressor. In addition, it will not be able to process as much material or operate at the same depths as the original package.

The sluice box still has rolled edges like the larger dredges, and is designed for maximum fine gold recovery as well as easy clean up. Just like our 2", this machine is supplied with a knock out rod for clearing rock jams. Detailed operating instructions are provided.

Dredge Specifications

Engine: Honda GXH50 or Honda GX120
High pressure hose 1.25" x 54"
Pump: HP100 (GXH50) or HP200 (GX120)
Weight 75 TO 95 lbs
Sluice box 12" x 40"
Capacity Up to 5 cubic yards per hour
Dredge hose 2.5" x 10'
Intake hose 2" x 30"
Weight w/2.5 horse power Honda 76 lbs
Weight w/ air compressor 105 lbs

Shipping is NOT included - please call or email with your city, state and zip code for a no obligation quote. Orders placed without having a freight quote provided in advance will have actual freight charges added.

Delivery info: This unit is in very high demand and subject to unannounced back-order. Delays of 2-4 weeks are common. If you require delivery by a certain date you are required to inform us at time of order. These units are only made upon order and are considered special order items. We are charged in advance by the mfg. for these items. As such, you will be charged in advance as well to secure your place in line for shipment. There will be no cancellations of orders due to delivery time issues unless you inform us in writing of a need by date in advance. Please plan your purchase accordingly and allow extra time for delivery.

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