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GPAA has announced their 2015 gold show schedule

Here are the first shows in the 2015 Spring Gold & Treasure Show schedule: (More shows will be announced at a later date.)

Gold & Treasure Expo 2015 Schedule is below.

2015 GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows Announced

The GPAA has announced the official GPAA Gold & Treasure Shows lineup for 2015: Pomona, Calif., Feb. 7-8; Mesa, Ariz., Feb. 28-March 1; Stockton, Calif., March 7-8; Portland, Ore., March 28-29; Boise, Idaho, April 11-12; Las Vegas, Nev., April 25-26; Denver, Colo., May 16-17; Charlotte, N.C., May 30-31 and Knoxville, Tenn., June 6-7.

GPAA Trade Show Manager Gene Glenn said next year’s shows will be held in larger venues in major urban centers to make them more accessible and introduce more newcomers to the world of prospecting, “We’re going to draw more people. It’s going to be a better experience for attendees and for vendors as well. My hope for the 2015 shows is to not only to encourage more families to spend time in nature together, but to tie in gold prospecting with other outdoors activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, and off-roading,” Glenn said.

The Gold & Treasure Shows are a one-stop shop for everything you need to go find your own gold.

“They are family events so the kids are going to want to come and get involved,” Glenn said. “Bring the kids and let them pan for real gold and try metal detecting. There’s really something for everybody no matter what your skill level — including newbies who don’t know the first thing about gold or small-scale mining.”

Show hours: subject to change ** Friday: 12 noon - 8 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sunday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

2/12/12 Gold prices stuck in a trading range since August 2011. Many experts still calling for gold over $2000 per ounce this year.

8/10/2011 More new highs for gold - spot gold price finally cracked the $1800 barrier today!!!

7/13/2011 New gold highs again at 1585 per oz!


August 2011 California governor signs off on new 5 year ban on suction dredging. No attention was paid to the patently false science or misleading $dollar figures provided as support for the new bill. Politicians are scared to appear to be on the wrong side of environmentalism no matter how bogus the claims. We expect more of the same to come to other states shortly. MINERS STAND UP TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

June 2011: Indian Tribes and misguided environmental groups are at it again trying to extend the ban on suction dredging in California. They are using a legislative tactic to get past the coming unfavorable (for them) report regarding the safety of dredging. Our rights are being stolen little by little. The bill is chock full of misstatements and outright lies designed to fire up the the ill informed environmental lobby and mobilize them against recreational miners. Many worry it won't be long until all mining is banned in a state that was founded by mining. GET INVOLVED NOW AND STAND UP TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS!! See Sacramento Bee article and lots of heated comments:



The 2011 Gold Show Season begins January 22-23 with the Southern California show in Pomona, California. We anticipate an eager crowd and a good show of exhibitors returning to kick off the season. Gold Fever Prospecting will be demoing equipment and selling must have accessories at this show - come stop by and say hi!

Test your luck at either the mucking or the panning contest. There will be many great prizes to give away including two trips to the camp in Nome, Alaska. As always, many of the local GPAA chapter members will be there to assist in setting up for the show. Click Here for more 2011 Gold Show information Don't forget to bookmark our site here before you go so you can easily return.

November 2009: Gold continues to make new record highs!!!

September and October 2009... our next two metal detector classes will be given. Reservations are now being accepted. Limited space is available - reserve early. Detector class info

July 2009... We are proud to announce the opening of our Southern California showroom in Hesperia, CA. We'll be introducing lots of new innovative prospecting products shortly. We will also have an increased assortment of used and demo equipment available.

Come visit us! STORE MAP
9565 C Avenue Suite M Hesperia, CA 92345

June/July 2009



"Senate Bill 670 (anti-suction dredging legislation) was passed by the California Assembly several days ago. It will now reach the governor as soon as tomorrow (13 July). Because this has passed through the legislature as an "urgency bill," Governor Schwarzenegger will only have 12 days to act on it. He can either sign the bill, or he can send it back to the legislature with a veto.

If he signs the bill, it will immediately become law. The new law would place a moratorium on suction dredging in California until an updated statewide environmental impact is completed concerning the impacts from suction dredging and new regulations are adopted. That is likely to take years.

So, there is a lot at stake right now in California!

What happens with miners in California is likely to follow in the other gold mining states.

We have done our absolute best to stop this bill in the legislature. But the big Indian casino lobby (money) has outmatched us at every turn.

This final Action Alert is the last thing I personally can do to stop the bill from becoming law.

Now the fate of SB 670 remains in your hands.

Our lobbyists are telling us that a large volume of messages to Governor Schwarzenegger right now is our last remaining hope of killing this harmful bill. The reason I say "right now," is because while the governor is only allowed 12 days to act on the bill, there is no assurance he will take that long.

Here is an Action Alert which provides contact information and talking points to help you create your own message to the governor:


Thanks very much for whatever you can do!"

Dave McCracken, President New 49'er Gold Prospecting Association

The New 49er's, 27 Davis Road, Happy Camp, California 96039, USA

April 2009... The owner of, Harrigan McGregor, has been busy doing numerous interviews for the media about the resurgence of "gold fever" in the US and the new gold rush. Inquiries from the Financial Times, CNBC, USA TODAY, KCBS, Inside Edition, BBC and various other regional television and radio stations have been in touch with us and run stories on gold prospecting. We are still fielding numerous inquiries from various sources looking to interview miners both new and old. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be considered for interviews for future publications. Let's help get the word out about our great hobby!

Read the text of the Financial Times new gold rush article.

MARCH 2009..... gold prices almost hit a new high again. Economic worries and Inflation fears are driving gold prices higher.

October 2008...... prices have come under pressure recently. We have heard hedge funds and other financial entities have been forced to liquidate some of their prized gold holdings to cover redemptions by customers wanting to get out of the stock market. This is very much a situation of "throwing the baby out with the bath water". We expect this to be a temporary situation and that gold positions will be added to once again once the selling pressure has eased a bit. Long term outlook remains positive especially given the poor state of the economy both at home and abroad. Short term it could still be rocky.

July 2008.... gold prices have been increasing regularly again and seem poised to make another run to new highs. Time will tell of course, but long term up looks more likely than down. None of the factors which caused gold to rise have changed. Poor economy, inflation worries, supply problems, oil prices etc...

March 2008... Spot gold prices recently hit their highest prices in history ... near $1030 an ounce. Gold investors are euphoric. Many have waited 28 years for this moment. Where gold prices go from here will sure be fun to watch. See our gold charts. We'll also be posting selected commentaries and forecasts periodically from industry experts on the chart page.

11/07/07 Gold Price Outlook: Gold prices have been a real tear recently and have broken out of resistance and climbed to new highs. See the gold charts here.

Gold is well within striking distance its all-time high of $850 reached in early 1980. Very exciting!

Large gold sales by the Bank of Spain, and lately by the Swiss National Bank, have undermined gold sentiment, analysts said. But the weakness of the US dollar and strong physical demand from India, the Middle East and China have been pushing up prices also.

Expectations of further interest rate cuts, rising oil prices, and concerns about slower U.S. economic growth also tend to bode well for gold.

4/25/07 Outdoor Channel Holdings Announces the Sale of Its Membership Division Segment (GPAA LDMA)

By PR Newswire
TEMECULA, Calif., April 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --

Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: OUTD) today announced the sale of all assets, liabilities and operations related to its Membership division segment. Thomas H. Massie, vice chairman of the board of Outdoor Channel Holdings, purchased all outstanding shares and membership interests in Gold Prospector's Association of America LLC (GPAA) and LDMA-AU, Inc. (Lost Dutchman's) for $3.6 million cash, which represents the net book value of the division including approximately $2.4 million of cash on its books.

Members of the Massie family, including Thomas Massie and Perry T. Massie, chairman of the board of Outdoor Channel Holdings, founded GPAA and LDMA in 1968 and 1976, respectively, as gold prospecting-themed organizations.

"This transaction enables the company to focus all efforts and resources entirely on our core operations at Outdoor Channel and, we believe, is in the best interest of shareholders," said Roger L. Werner, president and chief executive officer. "We are pleased that Tom Massie will be able to maintain the long heritage of the Massie family with GPAA and LDMA. Both of these organizations will always remain, in spirit, a part of our company, and we wish Tom and the employees the greatest success in their future."

Outdoor Channel Out of Prospecting Business

Cable Network Sells Gold Prospector’s Association of America, Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association By Mike Farrell -- Multichannel News, 4/25/2007 11:46:00 AM The Outdoor Channel is no longer digging for gold.

The Temecula, Calif.-based network said Wednesday that it sold its two gold-prospecting businesses -- the Gold Prospectors Association of America and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association -- to company vice chairman Thomas Massie for $3.6 million.

According to a press release, the purchase price represents the net book value of the assets, including about $2.4 million of cash on hand.

As part of the deal, TOC modified its programming agreement with the GPAA and the LDMA, reducing the length of an agreement to sell airtime to the two entities to two years. Its previous deal with the two organizations, struck in 1998, was automatically renewable until 2012.

“This transaction enables the company to focus all efforts and resources entirely on our core operations at Outdoor Channel and, we believe, is in the best interest of shareholders,” Outdoor Channel CEO Roger Werner said in a prepared statement.

“We are pleased that Tom Massie will be able to maintain the long heritage of the Massie family with GPAA and LDMA,” he added. “Both of these organizations will always remain, in spirit, a part of our company, and we wish Tom and the employees the greatest success in their future.”

The GPAA and the LDMA were formed by Massie’s late father, George Massie, in 1968 and 1976, respectively. TOC was created in 1993 primarily to promote George Massie’s prospecting business.

The LDMA owns several parcels of land in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon and South Carolina, which are used by members to search for small gold deposits and other treasures, as well as for hunting and fishing expeditions for an additional fee.

According to TOC’s 10-K annual report filed March 30, the LDMA charges a membership fee of $3,500-$3,700 and a $120 annual maintenance fee.

The GPAA -- which also publishes Gold Prospector’s & Treasure Hunters in the Great Outdoors magazine -- charges its members a $79 initial membership fee and annual renewal fees of $24-$54. Membership fees generated revenue of $5.16 million in 2006.

By RODD CAYTON The Press-Enterprise

Two membership-based businesses that blazed a trail for what became cable network Outdoor Channel have ended up the way they started: private, family-owned enterprises.

Thomas Massie, son of the founders of Gold Prospector's Association of America LLC and a second association for campground management, bought the businesses from Outdoor Channel Holdings for $3.6 million cash, the company announced Wednesday.

Massie and his brother, Perry, will continue to serve on the Outdoor Channel Holdings board of directors, Chief Financial Officer Bill Owen said. Combined, they own 39 percent of the company's voting stock, he said.

Owen said the two associations typically make small profits or lose money.

He said Outdoor Channel Holdings wants to focus on its core businesses, outdoor-recreation-related television and Internet programming.

"The board has been considering for quite some time whether it made sense for the membership business to be part of the public company," Owen said. "Industry analysts have been saying for quite some time that a pure-play TV channel would generate more interest."

The Gold Prospector's Association of America was founded in 1968 by George and Wilma Massie and promotes and supports the prospecting lifestyle. Owen said the association has about 33,000 members.

The Lost Dutchman's Mining Association, operated by LDMA-AU Inc., owns about a dozen campgrounds nationwide, Owen said, and its members, who number between 6,300 and 6,700, can use those sites for fishing, prospecting and related pursuits.

"This transaction enables the company to focus all efforts and resources entirely on our core operations at Outdoor Channel and, we believe, is in the best interest of shareholders," Roger L. Werner, Outdoor Channel Holdings' president and CEO, said in a statement. "We are pleased that Tom Massie will be able to maintain the long heritage of the Massie family with GPAA and LDMA. Both of these organizations will always remain, in spirit, a part of our company, and we wish Tom and the employees the greatest success in their future."

Thomas Massie couldn't be reached to comment on his plans for the companies, but Owen said Massie indicated that he would "provide continuity for membership employees and vendors."

Perry Massie, who doesn't own any of the spun-off divisions, is chairman of Outdoor Channel Holdings, and Thomas Massie is vice chairman.

--------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

Other News:

Equipment Sales have been very brisk this spring and we are often running out of supplies. Be sure to order early to avoid delays on our most popular products. Also shipping rates are going up soon. USPS has announced a major change to pricing in May and we will have to adjust unfortunately. Order early to avoid price increases. We will study switching more of our business over to fed ex and UPS to try to compensate.

Recently returned from the annual GPAA Annual Gold Show in Primm, Nevada (about 35 mins. from Las Vegas). Lot's of fun. If you mised it be sure to visit a show this year. We hear it may be moving to Laughlin next year though so check back.

There are several gpaa gold shows all across the country - see our list of events below. Lots of new mining equipment demos and some cool gold and gem jewelry and other neat stuff. Plus you get to hang out with tons of people who share the same prospecting passion and interests.

Played a lot of poker with fellow prospectors - I think I'll stick with robbing the tourists. Prospectors can gamble it up with the best of them!

Hope I got a chance to meet you there - if not there is always next year!

If anyone is interested in partnering up to run a vendor booth or two next year give me a holler.

- Harrigan

Metal Detector and Drywashing Classes and Training
GPAA Gold Shows - Dates and Times
Metal Detector and Drywashing Classes and Training

GPAA Gold Shows - Dates and Times

Dreams of Gold Dashed - Government regulations Killing our Hobby

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