Gold Bug 2 by Fisher  (SOLD OUT)
Gold Bug 2 by Fisher (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description:
Fisher Gold Bug 2 Metal Detector


Fisher Gold Bug II with 6.5 Inch Coil FOR $764.99 OR Fisher Gold Bug II with 10.5 Inch Coil FOR $764.99

The Gold Bug II’s high operating frequency is one of the highest on the market, and combined with the iron discrimination this almost guarantees you’ll find treasure. Gold prospecting is taken to a new level with this detector’s low-noise output, temperature-compensated components, ultra high sensitivity and Fisher’s state-of-the-art circuitry. Such a combination of advanced gold-seeking technology allows you to hear faint, deep signals even on the hottest rocks.

After 76 years in the metal detector business, Fisher is a brand that has proven they unite treasure hunters with lost coins, relics, and treasures. The Fisher Gold Bug II more than lives up to its predecessor’s reputation as a legendary nugget hunter. It is an accurate and deep seeking gold detector with 71 KHz’s to detect even the tiniest of gold nuggets. The arm rest is comfortably positioned above the controls and adjustable to fit your arm while the grip is made from durable, high-friction foam.

The model we’re featuring comes standard with a 10.5” shielded, waterproof, elliptical search coil. Both larger and smaller coils are available in the accessories area for this metal detector, but the 10” is a great place to start. This search coil is versatile and deep-seeking, making it effective for any type of detecting. Because it is waterproof you can submerge this coil into water without any adverse affect on the operation of the detector – this is perfect for hunting in the shallow waters of beaches and rivers as well as on land!

Product Specifications & Features

Powerful 71kHz Operation for extreme sensitivity to small gold nuggets

“IRON DISC” mode rejects iron (trash) targets and hot rocks.

Resistant to dust and moisture

Boosts audio signal of small and deep targets

Convertible to hip mount or chest mount

Weighs only 2.9 lbs.

Quartz-crystal locked electronics.

Takes only two, drop-in, 9-V batteries

Dual-knob ground control for coarse and fine adjustment.

Regular price: $125.00Sale price: $109.00
Nugget Busters Headphones
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