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Gold Miner Spiral Wheel Concentrator
Gold Miner Spiral Wheel ConcentratorGold Miner Spiral Wheel ConcentratorGold Miner Spiral Wheel ConcentratorGold Miner Spiral Wheel Concentrator
Gold Miner Spiral Wheel Concentrator
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Product Description:
The GOLD MINER SPIRAL WHEEL is similar to the Desert Fox - automatic panner - it takes the hassle out of panning by hand and concentrates your gold from black sands quickly and easily. Read below to see how it is better than other spiral wheels on the market. The "Gold Miner" pan is the only one with a RECESS at the beginning of each spiral. This causes a rolling effect on your concentrate as the pan rotates.

Gold Miner stands behind their product with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

Once the angle and water flow are properly adjusted just scoop your concentrates into the wheel and watch the action begin. Gold will climb up towards the hole in the center of the wheel, and will drop through into a catch pail in the back. Your worthless sands will flow out and away. With some tweaking you can set up the wheel to recover gem stones too.

The miner gold wheel is very lightweight and fully self-contained, weighs only about 10 pounds. Dimensions are approx.: 20" l x 15" w and 12" h. The wheel itself is 13" in diameter and features 7 deep, sharp spiral riffles. The 12V powered direct drive gearbox rotates the wheel at about 12 revolutions per minute. The storage box doubles as tub holding about 3 gallons of water which the unit recirculates for use with a 12 volt pump. A catch basin captures tailing material to be discarded. The only water loss is from that discarded with the tailings or by evaporation and so you can run the mini gold wheel all day long with very little water. Powered by a 12V battery (not included).

Special Gold Miner Features Include:

"BRAND NEW" Injection molded PAN!
"BRAND NEW" Deeper & Sharper Spirals
"BRAND NEW" Deeper Agitators!
"NEW" Micro-adjuster: To fine tune your pan angle!
"NEW" Vent holes in it's case.
Sets up in minutes & SIMPLE to use!
Light weight, just over 10 pounds!
Rugged direct drive gearbox!
Re-circulates 3 gallons of water!
Pan & gear box are molded out of thick ABS plastic for YEARS of durability!

One of the innovative design features is this 1/4 inch drop where each of the seven leads hits the outside of the bowl. The Gold Miner is the only spiral wheel with this gold grabbing feature.

Spray bar has adjustable water volume to accurately remove the black sand and leave you with MORE clean gold.


The entire unit stows neatly into its durable plastic case.








Take your Gold Miner spiral wheel panning machine anywhere. The entire weight of the unit is less than 9 lbs including the self-contained carrying case. The dimensions of the carrying case are 20" long, 15 inches wide, and 13" high. The black spiral pan is 13" in diameter. All components are designed for rugged outdoor use with no lubrication or maintenance. Runs on 12 volts DC.


#1. The 'micro-adjuster' installs in less than a minute. It makes the pan angle a breeze and also secures the angle. Great for fine tuning the flour gold out of black sand. A simple add on, but rugged, won't strip out, and will last for years.

#2. The four vent holes will help dissipate condensation caused by over looked moisture when the GOLD MINER is stored away.

Prospecting made easier with the MOST affordable and efficient spiral machine on the market. Totally self contained, weighing in at less than 10 pounds with the dimensions of 20"L x 15"W x 12"H. Don't let its size fool you. This machine packs a powerful punch.

The GOLD MINER is equipped with the most advanced spiral wheel on the market. The innovative, computer designed, concentrate agitators mean an increase in gold recovery by over 30%. The GOLD MINER'S spiral wheel also features a 7 spiral lead running at approximately 12 revolutions per minute, optimized for the highest recovery rate.

The GOLD MINER is equipped with a 500 GPH re-circulating pump and is capable of processing on average, 60+ pounds of concentrate per hour.

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